social media marketing

Public relations and social media marketing in financial services

These days financial services rely more on big marketing than ever in order to differentiate their products in an already overcrowded market. Their prospective customers are lost in a myriad of logos, brochure website and other corporate communication material that really all look the same. In order to distinguish themselves financial products companies need to resort to thought leadership strategies.

Thought leadership strategies revolve around content like research and commentary but also the “inside story” of the company, viewpoints on the industry; really anything interesting to your target audience will do. In order to reach them in the place that they are looking for you (your site) it is best to start a blog area, or further integrate the content into your site.

Once you have quality content distributing it is the easy part. One of the most popular ways of doing it these days is by social media outreach, but good old public relations (i.e. press outreach) will do as well.

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