Stop sending me Press Releases!

Giving the financial media something to talk about is more than sending a press release about your boring feature/hiring/award/new product to 12.000 journalists. Sure, it works for SEO – adding links from auto feeder blogs and the like – and for showing journalists and clients something is happening in your company, but almost never does a journalist write more than 10 words about your PR. If it was a story worth writing, you wouldn’t have to put out a formal PR for it.

The solution often is to do ‘something’ together with the media. For instance, at one major financial company, I organised an industry wide survey together with some key media partners. In return for promoting the survey (and the brand!) in editorial and banners, writing about the results (and linking to the company site!) I gave them some money and promised to cross-promote their brands in all publicity around the survey.

The client got around 3000 survey completions (which is a big chunk of the whole market), but more importantly, a good amount of leads that saw the survey promotion and decided they wanted to check out the trading platform. Lastly, the financial company got quoted in a number of important main stream financial publications and gained much good will and credibility in the market. All at a very low cost.

Besides surveys, you could do a conference, give away, webinar or other event. There are many ways to do this, and as long as the program has a connection to your product almost always make direct financial sense (as opposed to indirect, where you calculate the value of good will etc) not in the last case because media will barter cheap promotion and editorial for cross exposure.

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